Process to Recall Mary Landrieu has Started. No. Really

Well the wheels of government are indeed turning, but apparently Democrats didn’t realize they turn in both directions. Apparently, citizens have discovered there are ways to fight back against corrupt congressional members. It is an age old device aptly named the recall (via The American Thinker);

“The blog And So It Goes in Shreveport notes that a petition to recall Senator Mary Landrieu has been accepted for filing by the Louisiana Secretary of State. Citizens have 180 days to file enough signatures to get this on a ballot”

The case for her recall can be seen here courtesy of the Louisiana Tea Party Federation, you know those freedom loving citizens characterized as Nazi and every other slur by the Democrats. A good deal of the basis has to do with Mary’s Obamacare Louisiana Purchase and a link to her brother’s mayoral campaign (more on that here).

This effort was characterized as laughable when their argument was first assembled. But who is laughing now? I would guess Mary isn’t.