Remove Us From The Hand of Oppressors. Vote for Scott Brown

Yes, I paraphrased that title from Thomas Jefferson but believed it relevant to our current circumstances. That is not hyperbole, it is an undeniable fact.

We now stand on the precipice of our governments largest, unwarranted and irresponsible expansions in generations. This egregious assault on individual liberty is being driven by ideology and accomplished through grotesquely secret, undemocratic negotiations. It is being driven by a Democratic Party unconcerned with your resolute, majority disagreement. They are using your tax dollars to pay off supporters in other states. Is this the product of a republican democracy? Boldly, I believe Jefferson and the other framers would disagree. Do you?

Are you angry? Rhetorically, you should be. Let me rephrase the aforementioned paragraph for clarity. Our government is using your tax dollars, against your will to steal your individual liberty. Democrats are taking control of life and death decisions currently yours by betraying the trust you placed in them. That is worse than any direct tyranny which would at least beget resolute, direct action. Their actions make you feel helpless as they use the process of government to envelope us in the yoke of soft tyranny. But are you helpless? Hardly.

This is YOUR government, not theirs. Our republic is underwritten by a Constitution whose basic precepts, to which they swore to adhere, are immutable. So what do we do? Remove them. What? You say the elections are not until November and we have no prayer until then.


Our framers created this republic to be perdurable by using many checks and balance. To my friends in Massachusetts, one of our original colonies, I would remind you there is a choice and you are not powerless. Elect Scott Brown. He is the only person standing between you and this contemporary tyranny. To my friends outside the state, let’s make up the funding gap by contributing to an important campaign.

Are the odds long? Yes. But that is a position Americans have been in time and again throughout our history. Be true to our collective values and don’t surrender.

Elections are ultimately about trust. So will you, the owners of this government, trust these temporary stewards to continue representing you, stealing our liberty and obfuscating our Constitution? Well, if polls and the recent departure of Democrat representatives from reelection contests are indicatives, the firm answer is no. They are feeling the heat. Never surrender. Never.