Democrats Try to Legalize “Smoking the Cheeba” in DC

“Something to go with that pile of taxpayer cash, Mr. Congressman, sir?” Well, yes I think the Mexican Sensimilla would go just fine. Seems like a farcical introduction that would otherwise get one in hot water on this site, doesn’t it? But alas, it is just one potential scenario that would play out if the latest piece of comical legislation from Democrats on Capital Hill comes to light. No. Really. Here’s a brief snippet;

“Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed the omnibus spending bill of $1.1 trillion, loaded with earmarks and spending for government agencies, while this week the House will likely vote to raise the debt ceiling – and Virginia’s Democratic lawmakers went right along for the ride.

The 1,088-page package contains over 5,000 earmarks, including provisions to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States, as well as provisions to allow taxpayer funded abortions and the legalization of marijuana in the District of Columbia.

Emphasis mine of course. So as the Democrat “Fat Cats” in Washington roll around piles containing trillions of our hard earned cash, the smell of ink is apparently not seductive enough. Now they want to also roll themselves some of the funny stuff- as if we didn’t think they were already doing that. Oh and don’t get to excited if this is your type of thing. It’s only for Washington DC.

Nothing would distract the taxpayers more than to get them walking around oblivious to the governmental destruction taking place in Washington. I suppose next they will try to impose a lower federally mandated drinking age, since Democrats are losing that demographic also.

Yes, but they are doing the peoples work.

PS: I had to look up the aforementioned reference.