Barney Frank Gets Desperate- Violates The Hatch Act to Propagate DNC Propaganda

It’s bad enough my professional duties require I subscribe to the House Committee on Financial Services emails, especially with this current crop of occupants. But getting regular emails from Chairman Frank is perhaps discussion for another time (during Happy Hour when no one would be psychologically damaged by the sub-conscious images). Anyway, in my humble, non-legal opinion they just violated The Hatch Act with this particular email intended to propagate their DNC talking points on the economy.

Following President Obama’s lead, Democrats in Congress have obviously pulled out their old “I am with Stupid” tee-shirts as an attempt to deflect attention from their own disastrous handling of the economy and historically high unemployment. But wait, the Stimulus will fix all that; really. We just need “Stimulus Two” in order to round the numbers off by a few trillion.

It’s not enough Democrats have indebted our children and grandchildren, they now are going for generations that will probably drive cars which fly through the air fueled by water.

However, back to the email from address [email protected] Here is some of the text;

For Immediate Release:

December 10, 2009

Republican Response to the Worst Financial Meltdown since the Great Depression: “What, There’s a Problem?”

For eight years, President Bush and his Republican allies looked the other way as Wall Street and big banks exploited loopholes, ignored growing problems and, as a result, did not protect America’s families and small businesses.  Even today, after millions of Americans have lost their jobs and taxpayers have been forced to bailout Wall Street, Republicans continue to deny that there is a problem. Instead, Republican leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, and the rest of the Republican Party can be found on Capitol Hill begging Washington lobbyists to kill a bill that would finally bring accountability and integrity back to our financial system.

Now, the Republicans have offered a substitute bill, an alternative to H.R. 4173 that does virtually nothing to address the causes leading to last year’s financial crisis.  In fact, the Republican “alternative” wholly rejects the notion that Wall Street should be held accountable or that consumers need more protections from deceptive banks and greedy lenders. If the Republican plan passes, it will mean business as usual on Wall Street, and it will increase the likelihood of more taxpayer bailouts.”

Gee, sure sounds political to me? How about you? Is this an effective, non political use of government resources that is in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation? I think not there Sparky. Tons of factual errors too– how embarrassing.