As a Warm-Up to Co2 Regulation, Obama’s EPA Kills 500 Jobs

MR. Obama “admonished” Republican’s today for “frightening” the American people. Let’s leave aside for the moment I have no idea how he defines “frighten”. Perhaps he just said, “shame on you, telling the American people the truth while I, your President, is trying to sell ethereal jobs saved nonsense and giving nice, fluffy speeches on unemployment”. Hail Caesar.

By the way, one of the White House staffers should tell Mr. Obama he is holding the unemployment chart upside down. It’s simply the right thing to do.

In a prelude to the mother of all job killers yet to come; Mr. Obama’s EPA just killed 500 jobs at West Virginia coal company CONSOL. Merry Christmas, from the man who actually does not believe in traditionally celebrating the holiday. Here is a snippet of their press release;

“To put it into human terms, we are talking about the jobs of nearly 500 of our employees at the Fola Operations, and the impact such legal interpretations will have on their quality of life and that of their families,” DeIuliis noted, adding that for each job in coal mining, several additional support jobs are adversely affected.”

“It is unfortunate that, at a time when reliable and affordable energy is so desperately needed to reinvigorate our economy, that the nation’s energy industries are coming under repeated assault from nuisance lawsuits and appeals of environmental regulations,” said Nicholas J. DeIuliis, CONSOL Energy executive vice president and chief operating officer. “It is CONSOL Energy’s policy to operate our coal and gas assets safely and within the framework of the laws regulating our industry, but we oppose any efforts to use them to unnecessarily impede our ability to sustain our operations.

Never mind the business community has already said the Co2 ruling will be another Obama job killer. The finding actually is starting to have the ring of another “Climate Gate” type scandal and the “science” (quotes intentional) used for the EPA ruling is being seriously brought into question and needs additional scrutiny.

Ah, but who actually believes the polls anyway.