Barack Obama, The Pied Piper of Change

From the onset of his candidacy, Mr. Obama has tried to build his cult of personality with several core groups. Amongst these are young people, especially students who remain some of his most fervent supporters. This group is a natural fit for an agenda such as Mr. Obama’s. They are malleable; take quickly to pleasing platitudes, are easily beguiled by modern invention and less apt to engage in research that would uncover the fundamental topicality of someone such as Mr. Obama. They are also often resistant to their parent’s overtures; remember?

We were all young once. So in a moment of lucid reflection it is easy to see the flaws of our youth and hopefully try to save our children from the same whimsical mistakes. Yet Mr. Obama and his liege will have none of that. They have spent generations trying to federalize the public education system, installing their agenda and wooing the teachers unions. The resulting scourge is a rudimentary example of liberalisms failure; decreasing test scores, children ill prepared for a world beyond academics, decaying moral values due to indoctrinated social views and unrealistic expectations emanating from an illogical sense of entitlement.

In retrospect, Liberals have been trying to steal our children for years. So it is no surprise that Mr. Obama’s latest attempt to speak with them has sparked outrage. Perhaps it is just the boldness of his move which somehow confirms the whispers and back page discussions often treated as some National Enquirer story or conservative fairy tale. We who have been the silent or vocal opponents of counterproductive inventions such as multiculturalism, moral relativism and other teachings which supplant us as parents are suddenly acquitted of our societal transgressions. Thanks, but we confirmed the righteousness of our cabal in a secret basement meeting some time ago. I jest, of course.

Under the guidance of David Axelrod, Mr. Obama has used all the accoutrements of our modern age such as the internet and Facebook to attract younger Americans like the Pied Piper. Yet, much like the Brothers Grimm legend Mr. Obama’s outreach is lure, used with the intention of exacting a very calculated revenge. The townspeople of our country have reneged on supporting his version of “hope and change” for the duration of our country’s existence. He is now discovering that no force of personality will “change” that reality. Not even the legions of indoctrinated “faithful”.

Our past rejection of the liberal stealth agenda was accomplished as a matter of preserving democratic principal, our constitution and the enduring survival of this republic. But along with the “rats” Mr. Obama has most recently charmed democratic process, small government, fiscal responsibility and the fundamental will of our country out of town. Against the desire of a trusting populace more focused on preserving their families’ well-being in these tough times, Mr. Obama has stolen at historical levels from the future generations he now seeks to enlist. Nonetheless, he will have none of the “partisan” protestation and dismisses our ideas for alternative solutions as nonexistent and the punch line in a friendly rally speech. He counts on the time between now and the next electoral cycles as a “lifetime”; implying by then you will forget his transgressions- will you?

In Mr. Obama’s current adaptation Americans see a departure from free market principles, democratic governance, bipartisanship and the basic tenets of our constitution. As the veil comes off his agenda, people feel they have been used and are ashamed of being been enticed by Mr. Obama’s disingenuous behavior. Accordingly, Mr. Obama’s poll numbers have dropped, people are outraged and support for his agenda has plummeted as his version of change is actually defined. Our children are indebted at record levels for generations, unemployment is at a 26 year high, the stock market has dropped, GDP is anemic, inflation is on the horizon and undemocratic forces are afoot in our government. Overall, the orderly structure of our constitutional republic is under assault and the populace is worried by what seems an impending demise. When papers such as the New York Times print an article like this , you know it has really become a desperate time for young people. Time for real “change”.

The Obama flute has lost its magic tune and the piper’s motives are clear. We will now seek out the cave in which he and his cohorts have stashed generations and lead them back by the hand. They will be rearmed with facts, ideas and solutions for the future so sorely lacking in this latest liberal “saviors” perpetual campaign. It is our duty as parents and Americans.