The Approaching Republican Fiasco

First, several simple facts need to be established since some in our contemporary political debate are forgetful of the road we have traveled. Republicans reached their neoteric apex under President Ronald Reagan then surged with a Congress led by Newt Gingrich and others pushing “The Contract with America“. Keep this in mind, for therein lies cogitative substance.

Without going into further explication, these were the salad days of our beloved Republican Party, which has since slid from a tangible relationship with our populace to the current faceless, contradictory amalgam we now represent.In this retrospective, it becomes much harder to understand our modern day stalwarts, who seek to continue this disastrous campaign by imploring the troops to get fat of the land, hoping the opposition will eventually self destruct. Their motto should be forthwith “Nostalgia, not Discernment”.

One might point to the unprincipled, vacillating stands of yore or more contemporary futility such as demographic calculation to explain the Republican strategies which have led to failure. Or perhaps it was an absence of ideas, lost in a calculated quest to look more like our opposition, which caused the defeat? Certainly such contumacious and vexing appeals have chipped away at every pillar of our success? But alas, that conclusion is a product of sagacious reasoning- and there shall be none of that here.

Nonetheless, traveling the otherwise imprudent road of reflection, one might find a number of reasons to perspicaciously reconsider past failures. That is if one actually considered them failures and desired to be victorious in the future. Yet it seems our Republican Party will have none of this. The counsels still rule their fiefdoms and will not resign in shame for their role in our extirpation. But they need to go or we will be cursed like Cassandra, with a vision for the future that no one will believe. For the good of our party, Sir Mitch and Sir John- fall on your swords and let the valiant take lead.

What does the modern Republican Party stand for? Is it the hope of failure or being a cautious pedestrian to political self immolation; all pursued so we can cull the burnt carcass of our opposition? If so, then what? Do we rule from the gilded thrones of our current oppressors, assuming their robes, fiefdom vestiges and content to rule with their laws? Isn’t this behavior that brought us our current misfortune, where the victorious now roam the countryside beating their chests, pillaging villages and horrifying the populace? Rhetorically, yes it is and until Republicans realize that one can not rule over ashes without rebuilding a solid, firm, tangible foundation- we will never have the trust of our people and hold dominion. Never.