The Passionless Matching Game, Obama Version.

See if you can match this, with this. Next, see if you can draw the logical conclusion. So, if you follow the dialectic, next we will see a resignation. Right? To answer your next question, yes, the political part of our intelligence apparatus is in disarray. Shocking, I know.

Mr. Obama’s management of the war in Afghanistan has left our troops without necessary support. The strategy has sent our effort adrift and his goal is elusive. In the midst, our family, friends and love ones are still getting shot at. But the CIA is our new enemy and by the picture below, (dated, I know. But no pictures are allowed this time- why? question for another day.) it all weighs heavily on Mr. Obama’s mind. But don’t be fooled, he cares deeply. No, really, I heard it in a speech or was it a press conference? Maybe MSNBC, I can’t remember.

What can you do? How about showing the troops you care by contributing here and here. Or show you understand, more than Eric Holder, the sacrifice our CIA makes by reading here.