What other Democratic Processes will Obama’s Union Supporters Disrupt?

In the battle of big government versus the people, it seems unions have aligned with big government. Since the tenor of our current government including the President is decidedly anti democratic, I suppose by extension that makes the unions also anti democratic. But I wouldn’t stop there. I would also say that contemporary unions are now anti American. So I suppose it’s us regular Americas versus the unions.

Unions have an interesting history in America and their relationship with non-members, which would be the majority of us, is mixed. They have in the past inspired intense disgust and sometimes been a sense of pride. Those of us within a certain generation can remember the tune, “look for the union label” as a catchy, somewhat inspiring refrain. That memory may become melancholy as some recall stories told by first generation family members about the abusive garment center sweatshops. But I digress. By the way, where has the garment industry in our country gone? Somebody please call the union bosses and ask them.

Today’s unions have become an anathema to liberty and our democratic way of life. They vehemently oppose, attack and assault those who are not with them. They openly use mandatory “dues” to promote parochial interests which often conflict with their members. These same unions also skirt IRS regulations as they illegally participate in our political process.

The unions are now Mr. Obama’s henchman, driven by their own greed, thirst for power and desire to force their will upon the majority. They will stop at nothing, including physical confrontation with our senior citizens to establish Mr. Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s takeover of our healthcare system*. But they will not succeed. The majority of Americans have been awakened by these nefarious forces who have once again forgotten history.

This current battle is only one small, but important part of the war against a fiscally irresponsible, constitutionally destructive, socialist opposition that is destroying our way of life. The major battle is on the horizon in 2010 and thereafter 2012. What will Mr. Obama his union thugs, ACORN and other supporters do then- beat grandma into submission? Only God knows, but I will be ready. Will you?

*You can report me to [email protected] for this free speech outburst which could be “fishy”.