Turn Yourself In. Yes, You.

You feel guilty, don’t you? As Seneca the Younger said “every guilty person is his own hangman”. So why waddle and suffer in all that guilt? Put an end to it all and relieve your guilty conscience. Repeat after me and confess the following;

Ah, now doesn’t that feel better? No- not yet? Well let’s try some Freudian methods

Whew, that was painful. Now let’s recap. Have you written this all down? Are you sure that all the preceding statements truly represent your feelings? Good. Now there is one final part, the coupe de grace if you will. Turn yourself in. Yes, I said it. And if your family, neighbors and parents have repeated the exercise with you, turn them in also. Believe me, it is good for the soul and this tactic worked every other time in history it was employed. Page down, find the email address and admit your guilt. What are you waiting for?