Mr. President, It was Not a "Teachable Moment". It was Instructive.

I have always believed that when one gives a candid, extemporaneous answer it is generally the most truthful and reliable. That is why retorts in history similar to Mr. Obama’s remarks on the Gates Affair have seemingly eternal longevity and leave such deep impressions. It is also essentially why Mr. Obama wants to change the subject and not let us dwell on his remarks.

Mr. Obama can try as he might to change words that have already been spoken. But lasting perceptions have been made which are fairly immutable. It is in one sense confirmation of what people have often heard about Mr. Obama – but some did not believe; that he is an ideologically driven person with very deep seated views that are contrary to our countries basic principals. The signs have been there all along for those who are open to honest, intellectual observation.

Mr. Obama’s Ghetto Economics are based on fiscally irresponsible, outdated and illogical theories which surmise that if we just steal enough from the rich guys, our planet would be a better place. These theories promote false hope, destroying a sense of community and fellowship which more correctly represents America’s essence. They are further promoted and enforced by Ghetto Politics, which use the proverbial point of a gun in legislative sessions to gain compliance- silencing those who would otherwise speak out in opposition and defiance. That is not democracy, it is ideological oppression and soft tyranny. Every community in our country without exception should be offended.

Personally, I am not angry- just extremely disappointed. In the world in which I grew up people were called friend, boss, acquaintance and so on. I honestly believed that is what equality meant. Yet Mr. Obama again reminds us there are still divisive relics who see this country in other terms such as black, white, rich, poor, abused, neglected, racist and jaded. Post racial President? Hardly. He is the quintessential antithesis of what makes this country great.

Mr Obama’s words and actions betray his real agenda. They help us further understand his motivation behind an plan which is truly based on seizing power, destroying individual liberty and recasting America in some foreign, self-destructive way.  It is the quintessential essence of his “change” theme in motion- to change us into something we are not; a mob of self serving individual groups determined to destroy each other in the name of parochial motives, class envy and other socialist proclivities.

Mr. Obama’s downfall will be that many of us still remember history and the driving force behind what makes this country great. That in times of crisis and challenge we pull together as one nation to preserve our liberty and independence. No sir, the mob won’t rule and we will not destroy our neighbors to steal his bread or usurp his possessions. We will come together and promote a common defense against the type of encroachment and divisiveness you represent. That is not only our history but future destiny.