Further Proof the Democrat’s Carbon Tax is Self Defeating

It has often been said that in America individual ingenuity is a cornerstone of our culture. That is perhaps one reason why conservatives are often perplexed by a liberal culture which worships at the altar of the state. Think about it. What problem has the government ever permanently solved for you? That’s what I thought.

Now cogitate on a higher level. Think about a government whose primary proclivity is to grow its power and ration. Do you really believe they can be objective in addressing so-called issues such as man-made global warming, or is there another purpose? I’ll take “what is a motive for mendacious taxation and financial ruin for $500, Monty”.

In sum total, the aforementioned exercise makes this an even more interesting article (warning; requires some thought and intellectual perspective). Witness the following excerpt;

”   JERUSALEM, July 7 (Xinhua) — Israeli company Seambiotic and NASA’s John Glenn Research Center will join hands in studying micro-algae cultivation to produce bio-fuel, a local daily reported Tuesday.

The two sides will join hands in the production of micro-algae, which can be used as a feedstock for bio-fuel, in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuel, said the Jerusalem Post.”

Nothing extraordinarily hard to understand, n’est-ce pas? Actually this sounds fairly promising, especially since NASA is involved. Smart guys, right? -Investigating the possibilities with some other ingenuous guys across the globe. But there is more;

“Ashkelon-based Seambiotic, founded in 2003, was the first company to use flue gas from coal-burning power stations as a source for carbon dioxide to cultivate micro-algae. The nearby Israel Electric Corporation in Ashkelon serves as the source for carbon dioxide and water, which the company uses to cool its turbine.”

Oh, so the primary source for cultivating a potential fossil fuel replacement is the carbon dioxide from coal burning plants. Those same plants which Obama and Democrat’s want to put out of existence. That same source of “cultivation” which Democrat’s want to tax. M’kay, this all makes sense to me know. Democrats will tax what we exhale and shut down (or tax heavily) the coal fired plants which makes the bio fuel production more expensive. Got it; more change you can believe in.

By the way, why is it so hard to find a page explaining carbon dioxide, where it indicates we exhale about 1kg a day on average? Why isn’t it at least on the diagram for kids?