Cuomo and Frank Admit They're Marxists

Barney Frank and Andrew Cuomo want to dictate your pay. After all, that is Mr. Frank’s constitutional duty as a congressman; isn’t it? I suppose the same applies to Mr. Cuomo as Attorney General of New York? Somewhere in the AG duties surely we will find the part where it says he is legally mandated to set compensation structures for public companies. That section is probably right after the one giving him the power to set what schools can serve for lunch– right?

 No doubt, as soon as they are done with Wall Street, Cuomo and Frank will get around to the Union bosses. Then once those salaries are fixed, “Frankencuomo” will work their way down into changing collective bargaining salary agreements that have destroyed our automobile industry and helped public sector union’s bankrupt taxpayers. Finally, I suspect we will investigate salaries of government officials who vote for their own pay raises– irrespective of economic conditions. Perhaps we can start with quantifying what government officials are paid vs. the economic benefits gained- just like the real world.

 Witness the following quote;

 “To say that “the worker has an interest in the rapid growth of capital”, means only this: that the more speedily the worker augments the wealth of the capitalist, the larger will be the crumbs which fall to him, the greater will be the number of workers than can be called into existence, the more can the mass of slaves dependent upon capital be increased.”

 and compare it to this;

 “There will be tax increases down the road; there are a lot of rich people we can tax.”

 Seem as though they both take the same perspective and are read from identical scripts.

 The divide and conquer, class warfare mentality of this Democrat Party is betrayed only to those who have read about the proletariat and bourgeois. Apparently, we must feed upon each other- neighbor upon neighbor, executive upon farmer to satisfy their lust for “change”. It is the only hope Democrats have to cover up their massive spending and accompanying mendacity regarding how that money is being spent. Will we let our country descend into political chaos or depend upon our own change to rebuild a brighter future for our children? It’s your choice, but 2010 is right around the corner.