Investor Confidence Up Before the Spending Bill... Oops.

The fine people at State Street have given us a glimpse of investor confidence that predates the Obama-Democrat Atrociously Mendacious Nonsense Bill or O-DAMN if you prefer acronyms. Guess what? The sky is not falling, fire is not coming from the Heavens and the Great Depression has not returned.

Some people have made the point it looks a bit like the early 1980’s but that doesn’t quite have the scare factor of Mr. Obama’s “we are doomed” oratory; unless Super Mario, big hair and Madonna scares you.

There is no doubt; we are not out of the proverbial economic woods yet. Nonetheless, signs of positive economic indicators are appearing on the horizon. That would be prior to the massive spending bill now being represented as a “stimulus” (and now talk of s second stimulus, auto bailouts, mortgage bailouts……..)

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It is Not all bad news.