It’s Time for Battle with Susan Collins. Will Michael Steele Follow Us Up the Hill?

Remember the ‘Gang of 14”? It should not be too far removed from your memory. The “Gang of 14”is one of the seminal events which gave rise to the so-called Republican “Moderate” movement. It was the basis for permitting unconstitutional filibusters of President Bush’s judicial nominees. Some would further and convincingly argue it also helped lead to the ascendancy of a weak Republican Presidential nominee and contributed to the current identity crisis in the “Grand old Party”.


The ability for congressional members to caucus as a means of advancing ideas and positions is an important legislative tool. However when the primary reason for that gathering is to subvert the leadership, weaken our position as a party and advance ideas which are contrary to our core beliefs it is pernicious. These instances must no longer be able to flourish and receive our support, financial or otherwise, that is unless we remain resolved to a permanent minority status.


This all brings us to the contemporary actions of Susan Collins. Senator Collins apparently views her role as chief advocate for the Republican “Moderate” movement. This group wants to further destroy the unity which is so critical to achieving an invigorated identity and credibility with voters. It also is a group whose views more closely resemble the unpopular policies of the Democrat run Congress.


Susan Collins voted for nationalizing healthcare by voting for and expansion of SCHIP to high income families and illegal immigrants last Friday. That does not even closely represent our views.


But Senator Collins is not deterred. Susan Collins is now leading the fight to support the Democrats “Porkulus” Bill. According to the Wall Street Journal;


“Sen. Collins, a centrist with allies in both parties, was called to the White House Wednesday to meet with Mr. Obama. She envisions holding the cost of the stimulus package to $700 billion or less, well below the $819 billion package of tax cuts and spending the House approved last week.



The target grew out of discussions among a group of moderate Republicans, led by Sen. Collins, aimed at reining in costs and better targeting federal funds toward job creation. The effort amounts to “rebuilding” the Obama package, according to an individual familiar with the talks. The package would include tax cuts and investments intended to create jobs, such as infrastructure projects, but it would step back from spending projects that don’t immediately lift the sagging U.S. economy.”


Cal Susan Collins and tell her she does not represent you and the unpopular “Porkulus” Bill needs to be scrapped in favor of Republican authored legislation.


(202) 224-2523


Then call Michael Steele. Tell him you refuse to support the GOP with any additional funds until Senator Collins and others that do not represent our views are cut off from further assistance.


Phone: 202-863-8700

Fax: 202-863-8820

Email: [email protected]