Obama’s Speech Unveils Pretentious Obfuscation

The grandiosity of Mr. Obama’s convention setting and not-so-subtle allusions were deliberately planned parts of the big top. Clearly attempts to sub- consciously fight the truth; that Mr. Obama is not ready, nor capable to be President. The context of his speech readily betrayed that fact, for those willing to intellectually examine substance and forgo the carnival euphoria.

Unfortunately, all of the MSM I watched were bewitched by atmosphere, being long on emotion and short on examining substance. The usual suspects were as expected Obama’s biggest standard bearers, never able to separate their own personal proclivities and liberal excitement from intellectual probity. However, even on Fox we had Greta only missing a big beer and foam “Number 1” accoutrement as she skipped substance for emotion. Combined with Frank Luntz, who seems eternally bound and motivated by a need to sell his book, selectively choosing words from Obama’s speech to provide his poll and election divination. It was one of the few times in my life that I wondered if incommunicability had any positive qualities. Only at the end did she add a throwaway line about the substance of Obama’s hyperbole (my word, not hers) and having the ability, plan or proper vision. Shameful; especially for an ex-trial lawyer, but I suspect that is why she is on TV. Nonetheless, if Obama’s advisors were using a metric of mindless exhilaration to measure success, admittedly they were successful.

I suppose it is unimportant to most of Obama’s supporters that over the last eight years President Bush has presided over an economy that is second to none. Even at the current GDP growth rate of 3.3% the economies of Europe Mr. Obama is so endeared to remain envious. Our unemployment rate? Consistently, and still, one of the lowest in the free world.

Our companies, the growth engine of our country? Mr. Obama has demonized them and his tax increases include substantial new levies that will negatively affect small business, the primary job and growth engine of our economy. He has demagogued oil companies, some of whom pay over three times their net profit in taxes, in order to play off people’s fears and emotions. Accordingly, Obama has proposed “Windfall” taxes which have never worked and amount to confiscation. Due to government regulation and taxation this sector already is a mediocre performer, yet Obama and Democrats’ want more. Is this the way we “grow” our economy?

Fossil fuels and alternative energy? For two years, and still, we have watched a Democrat led Congress twitter away ever opportunity for Republican plans that include more domestic drilling plans combined with reasonable plans to increase nuclear, wind and other alternative sources of energy. The Democrats’ most recent response? Go home early on a five week vacation and in deference to their environmental lobby, get on every talk show to speciously discuss the futility of supply and demand; beyond ridiculous to any person that lightly probes a story about the price of oil, which almost always includes some aspect (divination or actual events) about the impact on supply.

A general philosophy for life? Mr. Obama was one of a few people in this country that thought it wise to kill a baby after it was born, since that was the mother’s original intent and had paramount importance. Even NARAL, the foremost supporter of a “pro-choice” philosophy disagreed with his position.

The war in Iraq? Mr. Obama proudly wears his anti war proclivities on his sleeve and as a badge of loyalty to his far left supporters. We can responsibly argue with reasonable people about the premise for the war in context of what was known at the time, overwhelming support from Congress, our countrymen and the world. However, leadership is not ephemeral, requires foresight, endurance and courage. It took none of those qualities for Obama to vote against this war and takes complete disregard for facts, conditions and accomplishments to still deny that Iraq, in a region responsible for most of the global terrorism over the past thirty years, is becoming a model example of the fruits achieved by peaceful coexistence in a democratic society. We will leave Iraq, as has always been the plan. However, we will leave with heads high; proud of what has been achieved, destroying the terrorist meme that our country is the enemy and proud of a military that has in face of all challenges gone well beyond expected sacrifice to show the heart and soul of American goodwill. We will mourn our soldiers loses eternally, but honor their memory and contribution which has once again made this country safer and an envy of free and democratic people everywhere. I refuse to dishonor them, as Mr. Obama does, with cheap political rhetoric that tugs at a soldier’s constant desire to come home. But then again, Mr. Obama does not understand devotion to duty, honor and country. He would rather make a case, as his predecessors did, that abject failures such as Somalia or Bosnia are sagacious actions. His grotesque lack of understanding is displayed by comments on the insignificance of Iran or tepid political remarks on Russian invasion of the democratically elected government of Georgia. This previews a significant dearth of good judgment and real understanding of world events that is hardly affordable in these contemporary dangerous times. It is a lack of leadership we can ill afford.

On judgment and abilities? Look no further then Mr. Obama’s association with William Ayers. This American terrorist, who has never renounced his actions, was a close associate of Mr. Obama for years. Obama’s response is he was eight when Ayers committed his terrible acts. I suppose most folks would say the intervening timeframe provided plenty of opportunity to for the learned Senator to read Ayers biography, rather than plot questionable activities with him. Obama’s response is an obvious attempt at obfuscation and seems to be a disturbing pattern from a man who wants us to accept him based judgment, not accomplishments. Incidentally, I live in a county housing some surviving family members of Ayers associates’ murderous bombings. They were just children also when these ignominious acts were committed. Perhaps Obama would like to ask them about Ayers?

Enough? Yes, certainly enough of thinking we can return to the failed policies and inclinations of past liberal Democrat administrations and a failed Congress. Mr. Obama is nothing more than a new representative of historically proven inept, dangerous policies in a new wrapper. As I have said before, “Hope and Change” can be placed next to “You can do it, we can help” or “Have it your way”. His candidacy is nothing more than a marketing campaign; akin to Corn Flakes in a new box. The problem is they still taste the same; stale and ordinary.