Obama; The World Tour

As you may recall Barack Obama refused the offer from John McCain to share a trip to Iraq. This proffer came from a man who has visited the country and our forces 8 times now.

While in my mind, it is facile to explain most events which a politician undertakes as “political”, Mr. McCain has done his best to keep the trips focused and meaningful.

Frankly, I found Mr. McCain’s proposal to be a plaguy olive branch. Why would he want to take the very junior, inexperienced Senator from Illinois and put him in the position of appearing sagacious? Well, apparently Mr. Obama had other plans;

When Barack Obama embarks on his upcoming trip to Iraq and Afghanistan he will do so as part of a congressional delegation. But top aides for John McCain are casting his voyage as little more than the Obama world tour.

Campaign aides, though seemingly at odds with McCain’s personal view of the journey, described his trip to the Middle East and Europe as an unprecedented global rally that will have zero bearing on Obama’s policies as a U.S. official.

“This is nothing more than a campaign stop and a photo op for Barack Obama to highlight his candidacy for president,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds told FOXNews.com, arguing that Obama established his trip as political by declaring his foreign policy views before even leaving the country. Another aide called the trip a “rally overseas.”

Since this is a world tour, we should give it a name. However, Dangerous World Tour has already been used.

This is the point where you crank up your music and read on.

Mr. Obama’s tour is such an important non campaign event he will have the varsity cheerleading section in tow.

That image will inevitably be fed by the entourage of media stars who are expected to be in tow once he reaches the Middle East. All three network anchors are reportedly accompanying Obama. The exact timetable of the trip hasn’t been disclosed publicly.

This is all certain to produce memorable images and more phrases about thrills in their legs as Obama stands in front of the Swords of Q?dis?yah and tries to look like Patton.

It is certainly also bound to produce more memorable phrases from Obama such as this explication of military ardor (hat tip, Powerline);

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded

I am off to see if tour t-shirts have been printed, ensure the HDTV is working and test the TiVO. One would hate to miss this historical cortege.