If you don't stand for something...

I am new to this site. i must confess that I don’t agree with everything that Rush Limbaugh says. I get the idea that conservatives are opposed to the Democrats and Obama. But what are y’all for? I’m for America.

I think that the Republicans should push for the expansion of the United States. Expansion under Article IV of the constitution. We can start with Puerto Rico (which is US anyway), then Dominican Rep., Haiti. Cuba will be surrounded and with the promise of equal footing it will not be the old style colonialism which was wrong for a nation that started as rebellious colonies. WhHo do you think would win statewide elections in the state of Cuba that is open and fair, monitored by the FEC? There will still be Communists in Cuba but they will be out of power and will have to caucus with the Democrats.

My first attempt for a diary entry was my proposal to spread american democracy to the world gradually by admitting into the union any nation state that requested admission. The way I see it, the world has a conservative majority. Parishes in the Episcapol Church have asked for preists and bishops from africa because the western clergy are too socially liberal. What is America to do with the world? We can not ignore the world. I understand the horror at the idea of world government. It is a sign of the Antichrist in the Holy books of Left Behind. In my opinion world government is inevitable. We are living in a global economy. The question as I see it what type of government is best? I think it’s the American government under the constitution. It’s the same constitution since 1787 and I think it is the best hope for the world.