“Draw Mohammed Day” Artist Has Gone Into Hiding

So have you ever heard of a Facebook group called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, it was created by a Seattle-based ex-cartoonist named Molly Norris.  Why is Miss Norris now an ex-cartoonist?  It’s because Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki’s fatwa against her.  The FBI has told Molly Norris for her own protection it is best if she goes into hiding, think of it is as Witness Relocation Program with out the help of the Feds.

Anwar al-Awlaki is currently one of the most wanted men by the US.  President Obama has given the ok to the CIA to kill the terrorist leader wanted for his role in such attacks as the Fort Hood shooting and the failed Car Bombing in Time Square.  Now the always pleasant al-Awlaki has placed a hit on the cartoonist for daring to insult the great Prophet.  It does not matter that Miss Noris apologized for any offense her “joke” may have caused her life is still in real danger.

So why am I writing about this?  Its to demonstrate the current state of Islam.  For the most part the majority of Muslims are very peaceful people but, with nearly 1 in 4 people being Muslim you can see that even 1 percent of the population being radicalized represents a very serious threat.  In recent days we have seen how easy it is for the West to spark serious rounds of violence in the Muslim world. 

Do to the ignorance of one Pastor in Florida whom threatened to burn a Koran (which by the way is a disgusting and ignorant act) violent protest broke out across the Muslim world.  When in 2004 a Danish cartoonist drew a satire image of Mohammad with a bomb strapped to himself also caused more violent reactions.  The problem is that whatever we do in the West to offend is used as a tool to cause violence by Islamic extremist. 

All these acts above demonstrate the total intolerance of some Muslims.  It is time that the West start demanding tolerance from the Muslim World…no longer should we allow every action that those in the West take be used as an excuse to cause violence and justify acts of terrorism.  These extremist are the enemy and they must be held to account, not just by those who seek peace in the West but by their fellow Muslims.  Untill Muslims world-wide stand up against those who use their religion for violence we can expect many more innocent deaths…most of whom will be innocent Muslims.

So while we wait for Muslims to throw out bums like al-Awlaki, people like Miss Molly Norris will have to continue to live their lives in total fear of some fanatic seeking to kill them.


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