On Illegal Immigration

Currently everywhere you turn one state can be found in the National Lime Light and that state is Arizona.  Arizona is under attack from our President, the President of Mexico, basketball teams, cities around the nation and the main stream media.  While Arizona seems to be drowning in hatred this is not the case Rasmussen and other daily poll trackers have found that a majority of Americans support the law and oppose those who wish to boycott the state.

So why do people oppose the law?

Some truly believe that the new Arizona immigration law will allow for profiling. Why do these people believe this? One they have not read the law for themselves and two it’s all the news and political leaders keeps telling you.  Why would the left leaning media and Democratic politicians claim this law will cause profiling?  My honest answer is I don’t think they believe this.  They see this as a chance to energize their political base for an election cycle that will likely see a huge number of Democrats losing their seats.  By calling the law racist it makes it where they can attack any support (their Republican rivals) of the law as racist. 

Why does Mexico oppose this law?  Mexico for one fears that the passage of this law may spread across the US.  If even half the states start enforcing the Federal Immigration Laws through state powered enforcement laws it could threaten the Mexican economy.  The Mexican economy depends heavily on the money flowing across its borders from Mexican citizens in this nation.  The number of US Dollars that leave this nation and go to Mexico is well over $10 billion a year.

The left would have you believe that all illegal immigrants are  law abiding, honest and hard-working people just here to do the jobs us lazy Americans won’t do.  This just is not true.  Phoenix for example has the second highest kidnapping rate in the Western Hemisphere.  Atlanta is under seige from the drug cartels as are other cities across the US.  While many illegals in this nation do match the above statement about them being honest and hard-working the truth is they have no right to be here. 

No nation on Earth allows anybody, at any time to just walk into their country and demand to be treated like a citizen except in the US.  This is not tolerated in Mexico, Canada, Germany, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, China or any other country you can think of. 

Why do nations not allow open borders? 

 One reason is National Security.  By leaving open your borders to anyone, than anyone will come in and that includes your enemy’s.  The other reason is pure economics.  No government especially ones with large welfare programs can survive if you allow free entrance and access to these programs.  Illegals use up far more resources than the limited amount of money they pay in with taxes.

The simple truth of the matter is until we stop allowing open borders all we are doing is importing great levels of poverty, crime, and unknown diseases into our nation.  This is why we have a legal immigration policy in the first place.  It is there to make sure everyone is who they say they are (and not a terrorist or criminal), to make sure they are healthy and that immigrants are at least skilled and educated enough not to become a burden on the nation.

My final thoughts on this law is that it is the right law for a state that is under seige.  Does America a land of Immigrants need immigration?  Yes of course we do, but there is a difference between legal immigration where the government can control who comes into the nation and illegal immigration where anyone who wishes just comes.  No nation can survive for long if it allows everyone into its borders with no checks and balances because all nations resources are limited and must be properly managed so not to be overextended.




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