Dragging the family through the mud.

So I spent my lunch hour today reading about the “utter atrocity” of McCain’s judgment in choosing a running mate with a pregnant 17 year old daughter…I’d seriously like to know if anyone truly chooses who to vote for based on the running mate’s children’s decisions. To all the drama queens out there screaming of McCain’s poor choice in a running mate…were you 17 once? Could you have cared LESS if your mom was in a political office? Would you have thought for one second that it could unneccessarily catapult you into national news for making a poor choice? First of all, that poor girl is now having her personal life broadcast over CNN and Fox News. Is she going to be McCain’s running mate? No. Then WHO CARES??? Leave that poor girl alone. Second of all, is it really so shocking? I graduated from high school in 1998, and guess what – 30% of the girls had kids before graduation. And we went to a normal, middle-class school. It’s not this hugely scandalous scenario everyone’s making it out to be. Big deal. It’s not good choice, true, but it shouldn’t be the reason anyone votes against McCain and Palin. And as far as people attacking Palin for her being some terrible mother? Let me ask you this…when you were 17, did your mother follow you to every friend’s house, every party, and listen on every phone call? I highly doubt it. A 17 year old near-adult is going to make a decision whether her mother or father forbids it, condones it, or supports it. I was 17 once, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that if I wanted to take a drink, sleep with someone, or make a poor choice, that NO ONE, my parents included, would be able to tell me otherwise. So to all the naysayers out there, leave her family out of the election, leave that girl alone, and choose a candidate based on their stance on important issues, not on the media frenzy surrounding the running mate’s child. And if you still can’t do that, imagine how you’d feel if your private life was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, regardless of whether you wanted it to be or not, and read that the fact you got pregnant at 17 might throw an entire election out of balance. Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? If you read the Issues page on www.johnmccain.com, you’ll find plenty of good plans and reasons to vote for John McCain in November.