Brown surges ahead on Intrade

Intrade now shows Brown favored by nearly a 2 to 1 margin.

Current values are Brown at 65.0, up 12.5, with 66.0 required to buy, and Coakley at 35.0, down 12.9, with 39.2 to buy. Expect Coakley’s people to start burning up Intrade with buys to try to lift her sagging numbers before this is noticed and commented on.

Intrade may be of dubious value as an accurate bellweather, but I think it shows yet another example of people recognizing that a surge just might have become unstoppable. And that is quite a turnaround in the conventional wisdom against a relatively-unknown Republican being elected to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. The last time I looked, Intrade basically had the race trading as a dead-heat. Now, after The Great One campaigned for the Kennedy legacy today and reminded people how important it is for Massachusetts to send Coakley to Washington…the bottom seems to have dropped out of betting on her.

Hmm. The Olympics. The Climate Treaty. The New Jersey governor race. The Virginia governor race. Now Scott Brown is the Intrade favorite to become the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts in the last 40 years — and that comes after the President personally went to campaign on behalf of Brown’s opponent today.

Even if Brown doesn’t win, what kind of mixed-up, crazy, alternate reality has come out of the Obama presidency where the 41st vote against Democrat excess may come from a Massachusetts Republican who campaigned precisely on the promise to be that 41st vote? The high-pitched, turbine-like whine you hear emanating from Boston is the sound of Teddy Kennedy revolving rapidly in his grave.

If I was a Democrat (Lord forbid!), and if this potential new Boston Massacre was the latest in that string of first-term non-accomplishments that I could point to for President Barack Obama after all of the hype about hope and change…I think I’d be somewhat upset.