The Senate Bill: You Personally Pay For Abortions...Or You Go To Jail

While I fully agree with Erick Erickson’s post that that the health care bill must not be just about abortion, I, and a lot of other Americans, are now on the horns of a true moral dilemma. The Democrats seem to be making publically-funded abortion another litmus test for their health care legislation, along with the “public option.”

And that means that if the current Senate bill passes, every taxpayer is going to be required by law to pay for abortions to be performed. No matter what your personal feelings, moral values and religious principles are, your money will be going to fund countless numbers of abortions. And if you don’t participate in the system, as Moe Lane pointed out, with video showing Nancy Pelosi stating it clearly, then you will go to jail.

This is becoming a problem of Biblical proportions.

You can read about it yourself in the linked pdf of the actual bill if you have any doubts. Starting on page 118, line 7, section 1303 of the massive, 2,074 page bill, under Voluntary Choice of Coverage of Abortion Services, the HHS Secretary is given the sole authority to decide when abortion is allowed under the government-run health care plans mandated by the bill. Senator Reid’s plan also requires, on page 120, line 13) that at least one insurance plan covers abortions.

And all enrollees in the government-run health care plan will be charged a monthly premium to pay for abortion coverage for those who choose to have it. Not just those who elect to have abortion coverage. All enrollees.

Erick very rightly points out that the health care fight cannot hinge on abortion. But there are a few Democrat Senators who are not in favor of federal funding being used to kill unborn babies. Two of the three remaining hold-outs on voting to allow the bill to procede are also against public funding of abortions. One of them, Mary Landrieu of Lousiana, is being handed what ABC news points out is a targeted $100 million dollar payoff to buy her vote in favor of abortion.

Senator Landrieu originally said that she would decide by today how she would vote; she now has put off the decision until Friday. Perhaps the fact that ABC broke news of the massive payoff to her is giving her second thoughts.

I hope so. But since the latest post on her Senate website indicates that the Senate bill, “while imperfect,” is a step in the right direction–I think I know what her annoucement on Friday will be. And no matter what rationalization she uses, voting in favor of the motion to procede is a vote in favor of using your tax dollars to fund abortion.

Senator Ben Nelson indicated that he would not vote for a bill that did not contain abortion restrictions at least as tough as those in the bill that passed the House. He does not seem to be reading the same bill that I have read, and that you can read. It not only is not restrictive of federally-funded abortions, it mandates abortion funding.

But Senator Nelson apparently has also decided to vote to allow debate to begin on the bill, and is falling back on the excuse that a vote to allow debate to begin–which requires 60 votes and could stop the bill from proceding–is not the same as voting for the bill itself. And since that only requires a simple majority, and is a probable foregone conclusion to pass without fillibusters and other procedural tricks, Senator Nelson is at best being disingenous.

Any Senator who votes in favor of the motion to procede, is voting in favor of the bill passing. To say anything else is to say something that simply isn’t true. The fact that Senator Nelson is saying that he will fillibuster the vote on the bill is encouraging, but it still means that the bill will be one step closer to passage when, and if, he follows through on his threat.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham believes that inclusion of a public option in a final health care bill that passes and is signed into law will destroy private health care in the United States. And that means, if he and other observers are correct, that in a few years everyone in the United States will be required to pay, out of each paycheck, to fund what many consider to be the murder of millions of innocents…or go to jail for not participating in the system. Nancy Pelosi seems quite intent on making sure of that.

If the health care bill passes the Senate, the final bill President Obama signs into law will include both a public option and federal funding of abortions. That is a virtual certainty. And every one of us, no matter what our beliefs or values, will be paying for abortions under threat of imprisonment. We will all be complicit in the system, and in the continuing the millions of abortion deaths in our country.

Count on it. Do something to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Get on the phone and call Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Mary Landrieu and let them know how you feel about their principled talk on not voting to fund abortions with your tax money. Call Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and give her another reason to not vote for the bill–she is the only other Democrat hold-out at this point.

And do something more. Call members of your church who feel the same way you do. Put Senators Nelson, Landrieu and Lincoln on your church Prayer Chain if that’s possible. Call family members and like-minded friends. Ask them to call and make their feelings know.

Make sure the bill is stopped on the procedural motion to procede while it still can be stopped.