Congressional Phones and Emails Bombarded

The opposition to the Bailout Bill from voters/constituents keeps on growing. Forget the polls that show people are against the Bailout by a two to one margin–something else is even more significant than the polls.

The phones of Congressional Representatives and Senators are ringing off their hooks, with people complaining that either no one answers them or they are put on perpetual hold. The American public is overwhelmingly against the Bailout, and they feel that nobody is listening to them.

The number of phone calls has been unprecedented. So too has the volume of email. In fact, so many emails have been received that the Congressional system has had to have a block put in to electronically limit the number of emails allowed through because there are “too many” for the system to handle.

This didn’t even happen with 9/11. The Bailout is massively unpopular. And it should be. If someone with some clout sponsors a March on Washington…this could get very interesting.

Now, if John McCain would only stand on principle and the side of the people and oppose the Bailout, he might catch the current tidal wave of opposition and be able to craft some legislation that would actually fix the problems we face. If he does not, then we are going to end up simply following politics as usual and throwing money at a problem with no guarantee it will do any good.

John, listen to the voice of the people.