A Tale of Two Erics

Let me get this straight. Dan McLaughlin, in a story headlined here at RedState, has pointed out a hit-piece on the DNC website against potential McCain VP Eric Cantor that accuses him of being…Jewish?

Is the DNC actually admitting in print an anti-Semitic bias?

And has anyone asked for a comment on this from Democratic Independent Senator Joe Lieberman? More on this, and the new “marching orders” from the DNC for party loyalists, below the fold…

The main thing that surprises me about 660 word DNC hit piece on Rep. Eric Cantor is not that it mentions “Jewish” five time. It is that they couldn’t throw in six more words to round it out to an even 666.

What! No comments that the Jewish people are responsible for high oil and gasoline prices? Or some subtle comment that all of our banking and mortgage problems can be directly laid at the feet of…well…those people?

If you haven’t read the DNC trash on Cantor linked above, you might think this is an over the top reaction to an obvious misunderstanding of what the DNC meant to say. And what they meant to imply. They couldn’t really be anti-semitic, could they?

Then perhaps you think there is something measured, sane and explainable as other than anti-semitism in this direct quotation from their web page:

Hence a request by Cantor … to switch his eponymous sandwich to roast beef on challah, ‘a deli special that exudes Jewish power.'”

Sarcasm? Irony? Intellecutual hijinks?

How about Lowest-Common Denominator Populist Fear-Mongering? Mean-spirited religion-baiting?

Or let’s just call it good, old-fashioned Anti-Semitism and put Occam’s Razor away.

Has anyone asked Sen. Joe Lieberman for a comment on this yet? Or asked Joe if there is any connection between DNC ant-Semitism and why he was essentially kicked out of the Democratic Party?

The Big Tent appears to have a rally going on inside it and the tune they are playing made the rounds once before about 70 years ago.

Should we be watching for the Obama campaign slogan to be changed from “Change You Can Believe In,” to “One People, one Empire Nation, one Leader!”.

Anyone care to get up a pool on how long it will be before an Obama campaign spokesperson issues a stunningly bland disavowal of DNC anti-Semitism and reminds us that it is Republicans who are racists and bigots? A carefully worded denial issued in the name of “Our Glorious leader,” perhaps?

How far is it from the Democratic Party convention site in Denver to South Park, Colorado? Not very far at all, it seems…

Hey, it really is Change You Can Believe In…

…but it seems to be a definite move to the Reich for the Democrats.