Blame it on the "Israel Lobby"

It seems this particular conspiracy theory never gets old or goes out of style:

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused his country’s government of supporting the pro-Israel lobby in the US and Jewish groups inside Israel.

“I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the US and some parties inside Israel,” Anwar told IslamOnline.net in an exclusive interview.

But as usual those making the accusations have nothing but their own grand theories to offer as proof or evidence:

Anwar, a former deputy premier contesting legislative by-election as the next step in his plan to become premier, declined to elaborate on the nature of the support or his evidence.

I guess it is easier to blame the “Israel Lobby” than to address the very real problems involved.

It might be easy to laugh off such conspiracies if there wasn’t a long history of tragic results from this type of worldview.