Precinct Delegate is a painless thing to do

Well, tonight was my first meet up with other people interested in becoming Precinct Delegates. I’d have to say it was very well attended with the forty or so seats all taken and the overflow standing in the rear.

The Oakland County Republican party put on the event with the Chairman David Law present as well as several other officers, and elected representatives. I don’t want to get too flowery over the experience but I have to tell ya about the numbers.

Of the people there it was asked how many didn’t have any affiliation with the Oakland County Republican Party, a few hands went up. The next question was, how many would consider themselves Tea Partiers, I would estimate that 75% of the hands went up. Two individuals identified themselves as Independents that have had enough and decided to make a stand.

The speaker at the time, Grassroots director Mr. Aldrich, commenting on the hands in the air for Tea Partiers said “That’s good, this is what we are looking for”. These guys are sounding like they have seen the light and are going back to their conservative roots. It was intimated there have been some Republicans that have gone to Washington and caught Potomac Fever and we are now going to make sure that never happens again.

I ran into a Redstater there who says he reads lots but doesn’t comment much. I think that is going to change. I have to tell you all that the experience is enlightening, cleansing in that you meet face to face with like minded people, and empowering all at the same time.

If you haven’t visited your local GOP and signed up, get out there, they are waiting for You.