Follow TN's lead and kick the RINO traitors out

When I read in my local paper that the House Republicans in Nashville, after having taken control of the House had one of their own band with the Democrats to vote in a RINO for speaker I was not surprised. The plague of Republicans in Name Only is a pox on all our houses in the GOP. When I read that the party voted Kent Williams out of the party  sacrificing their majority status, I was surprised to see Republicans actually fight back with vigor and anger for being betrayed. The national GOP worries too much about the need for northeastern Republicans and ignores our principles most of the time. The GOP needs to hang the 3 Senators who voted for the stimulus compromise out to dry and cut off their GOP fundraising and campaign support. If they want to be independent then let them raise funds independently as well. What is there to lose…. the House and the Senate…? Our compromise politics to protect their seats already bought us the minority and multiple seats in the past election cycles. Follow the lead of TN Republicans and kick the traitors out. Stand on principles and ask your party to back your lead. An energized conservative base in TN will support our legislators for taking a stand. Wish Washington GOP members trusted us as much as TN members do.