Only red states can save us now

Here in California, conservatives can only hope the red states (especially OH, VA and FL) will deliver once again. There’s nothing much we can do here. Our votes aren’t likely to make a difference.

But If YOU don’t vote to the last man, it’s game over. Commentators here love to ridicule the polls, but I can’t recall a recent election where the aggregate polls were proven totally wrong. I suppose it can happen. It all depends on you.

Right now, it’s 3 AM tuesday in California. My class today (I’m a graduate student) ends around 8 PM west coast time. You can choose what will happen at that moment.

(A) The 3 conservative stuents in the class, including me, retreat silently while the rest of the class celebrate the Obama victory in psychedelic fashion.


(B) “I said, If you’re not going to eat the chips and the drinks, can I take them home! Gosh, it’s just an election!”