Updates on early voting and other trends from potential Mccain states?

I’m an Asian American living in California. I know for sure my state will vote for Obama (although support for prop 8 is strong).

If you are a resident in VA, PA, OH or other must win battleground states, please tell me – does Mccain actually have a chance in those places? Are you guys observing REAL last minute momentum for Mccain, or are you just giddy over dozens of your neighbors who decided to vote for him?

According to the LA Times, Mccain is down in Ohio by 9,10 points. Apparently Obama is beating him badly at the ‘ground game’. Meanwhile some posters here believe Mccain will win Ohio or Virginia by 2,3 points. What do you see in your states to warrant that kind of optimism?

Keep up the good work, friends. Mccain / Palin 08