Barrack Hussien Obama the Nominee for the Democratic Party

maybe I wasn’t really listening or maybe No Body said it.

They said Barrack Obama. From all accounts of previous conventions where the nominee was announced they always use their middle name. Several times throughout the convention,when his full name would have been used it wasn’t.William Jefferson Clinton,George Walker Bush,Ronald Wilson Reagan,heck even Hillary Rodham Clinton(ok not her middle name).During the video when they went through his family and and when Michelle gave her mushy rehash of Ward and June Clever,she didn’t mention his middle name. When they sworn in their full names are used. In all accounts of past Presidents and lists again it’s full names.

I’m not pointing his middle out so much.. as their obvious omission of using it. Talk about choreographed down to the last detail. Also the subject of this being historical but not why? Tip toeing around this won’t change the facts. And during the campaign up until a few weeks ago ,the race card was blamed on Republicans. Sometimes it’s not what you say but what you don’t say.