Pence took a Break to Attend Townhall Meetings

Mike Pence Rep. from Indiana and my congressman attended a townhall meeting at Reardon Auditorium at Anderson University,this afternoon.The crowd was 30-50 people concerned about the subject of energy. He took the podium stating that the protest ,some have said he headed up,is still in progress and will continue until Speaker Pelosi recalls them back into a special session,or the end of the vacation break. It would seem that there is a type of relief system in effect while many go back their constituents and families as necessary. His opening remarks were much the same as reported on the Fox news and in many blogs that the time to drill for relief of gas prices at the pump is NOW.

Reminding us that in 2 days after the President lifted the ban on drilling off the coast the price of oil dropped $20 a barrel. If just this one act had such an effect that the vote on the floor of congress would possibly drive the price down even further. The question of what and why haven’t speculators been reined in? His response was in Pense fashion “Don’t shoot the messengers” It’s part of free markets whether it be corn or soy beans and that’s what make our prices and markets go up and down. The problem is supply and demand,not who to blame. But he asked “You want to know who I blame? China. India. Because they are using more and producing more goods and driving more.That’s why there’s a thick smog over China today.”

This what the right has been saying and repeating in every townhall,blog and News show for over 6 months. Supply and demand makes the world go round. Maybe the left can’t see beyond saving the planet long enough to know that 78% of Americans are in favor of drilling and doing it now.

Pense will be back in Washington this week to take up the floor again asking that the Speaker recall congress to allow a vote on what most of us want anyway.This ain’t over folks. Many of the republicans that kept the vigil the fist day are in this for the long haul. After hearing an unnamed Democrat say that a vote was possible by Sept. 30,Pense remarked “why not now? Why not now,people are hurting and they are on a vacation break.”

After meeting him I can say he is easy to talk with and says the same things at home as he does in Washington.If we had a hundred of Mike Pense the Conservatives would again turn Washington on it’s ear.

Pense was also there to present a plaque to the family of Dr. Robert Reardon, who was active in the Church of God and in the Community.The Auditorium was named in his honor.

The Iraq war came up after a retired police officer and member of the National Guard stated the success of the surge and the deployment of his son to Iraq. Pense tole a story of how he met the sheik responsible for the “Awakening” and was invited to dinner at his house and on his next trip they would go to dinner at McDonald’s. The sheik died a year later.

I know some think this revolt is just a stunt and doesn’t deserve any real credence but for those who are giving up time with their families and sitting in the darkened chambers and holding their own sessions giving speeches to tourists,it is very well worth it.