Obama, Media Hypocrisy and the Death of a Soldier

For a helping of hypocrisy and a little dose of double standard, all you need to do is take a look at the way the Obama Media covered the recent shooting of an abortion doctor and the subsequent shooting of a U.S. soldier in Alabama.

Dr. George Tiller, a doctor who specialized in late term abortions or partial birth abortions was murdered in Church by a man named Scott Roeder. Roeder was a self proclaimed anti-abortion activist who found Tiller while he was serving as an usher in his Church in Wichita, Kansas.

Shortly after the murder, Obama had issued a statement about how sad and disturbed he was over the killing of George Tiller. And just yesterday, the Department of Justice launched a federal investigation into the murder, it looks like they may be trying to seek the death penalty.

On June 1, two U.S. soldiers were shot outside an army recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. The perpetrator was Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammed; a Muslim convert who went out looking for a soldier to shoot. Pvt. William Long, just out of basic training died at the hospital from his wounds. Days past before the Obama administration acknowledged that they even knew about the shooting.

The media, in its apparent love and adoration of Obama and all things liberal, gave little attention to the recruiter shootings in Little Rock, while immediately branding Scott Roeder a domestic terrorist. We have Janet Napalatano and her Homeland Security Department to thank for that one.

So why no coverage of the Army recruiter shootings; were these soldiers not worthy enough to make the eleven o’clock news. No editorials about how bad the Muslim community wanted to commit crimes against our military? There sure were enough about how Dr. Tiller was only an innocent doctor, helping the health of women everywhere when a right wing nut ended his life.

I think the biggest reason for the silence of the American media on this is the fact that one story fit their template, the other didn’t. One story promotes an agenda of the Obama administration, the other would make him look bad.

Obama is a supporter of abortion; not only that but a supporter of late term abortion. He wants it propped up and promoted perpetually. That’s what liberals care about, abortion, global warming and raising taxes. The Muslim who killed a soldier in Arkansas, well, he picked a terrible week to do that. Obama had a magnanimous speech to give in Egypt, remember? This was the week that Obama was going to make all Muslims everywhere love us again.

The media just did their level best to cover Obama’s hide while on his trip to Egypt, they were just covering for their boss. We wouldn’t want Barry looking bad while he’s over there kissing some Muslim tail now would we? So, the story of a Muslim committing murder against one of our brave soldiers goes away. The story of a doctor who spent his life ending lives, well, now that’s a story they can get behind.