A True American Hero: Ken Leonard

I know Ken only through talking with him and commenting on the same blogs. But from what I know, and what I’ve seen, Ken and others like him are the reason America is what it is today. This post is a tribute to Ken and the other HEROES like him. Thank God for these people, without them where would we be? I shutter to think. Read his story here. This is from my friend Kate at RightPundits:

Ken’s courage, dedication, and character has been spotlighted nationally. He has been nominated for an ‘America’s Most Wanted’ All-Star – a contest to recognize first responders who go beyond the call of duty. There are a lot of heroes up for this award, but none quite like Ken Leonard. You can vote for Ken once a day, EVERY DAY, until the end of the contest on April 12th.

I know this is not a typical Red State post, but it is worthwhile. Ken and the other American Heroes are worthwhile.