Washington Post Firmly Up Obama's Rear

Well, the stimulus……porkulus or whatever you want to call that travesty that congress has been working on passed through last night without a hiccup. And of course, Obama’s willing accomplice’s in the media are swooning at his brilliance today; as if that’s different from any other day. From the face of the agenda driven media today, the Washington Post:

In size and scope, there is almost nothing in history to rival the economic stimulus legislation that Obama shepherded through Congress in just over three weeks. And the result — produced largely without Republican participation — was remarkably similar to the terms Obama’s team outlined even before he was inaugurated: a package of tax cuts and spending totaling about $775 billion.

As Obama urged passage of the plan, he and his still-incomplete team demonstrated a single-mindedness that was familiar from the campaign trail. That intensity may have contributed to missteps in other areas, as the president’s White House stumbled repeatedly in the vetting of his Cabinet and staff nominees. And high-minded promises of bipartisanship evaporated as Republicans accused the president and his Democratic allies in Congress of the same heavy-handed tactics that Obama, in his campaign, had often demanded be changed.

Yep, huge victory for Obama, huge loss for America. That’s pretty much the way it’s been for the last several years now. Good for democrats=bad for the country and vice verse. Barry won this time, that’s fine; America lost, big time. Too bad the libs can’t see just how much this legislation will cripple the economy rather than help it. But, they are blinded by the brilliance of Obama and it just isn’t really going to matter what he does. They will never admit that anything he does or proposes is wrong.

Makes me feel proud to have stood up to President Bush when I thought he was wrong. I can honestly say I possess intellectual integrity, something the weasels on the left may never be able to say. You can read the whole sickening article here, if you can stomach it.

Up Barry's Rear