Sarah Palin, Michael Steele: Future Of The GOP

With the nomination of Sarah Palin this past fall, and the election mere hours ago, of Michael Steele as GOP chairman, you could say without any shadow of a doubt that this isn’t your fathers Republican party.

Gone are the days, when the Democrats held the monopoly on minorities and women. When all you thought of when it came to Republicans were slightly overweight old white men with gray hair. The GOP is in the process of trying to reform itself, despite the best efforts of some in Washington to keep that from happening.

The base of the GOP is arguably the Christian right. And they love Sarah Palin, that goes without saying. Michael Steele has been very popular with the conservative base for sometime now. Especially after he was villainized by the Democrats in the 2006 senate campaign in which he lost to Benjamin Cardin. The GOP looks to strengthen it’s base to win back seats that it has given up over the last two election cycles.

Barry may be a new face in the White House, but the makeup of the congress is the same old cast of characters. The GOP is taking a step in the right (no pun intended) direction.

With the likes of Palin, Steele, and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, the future looks bright for the Republicans. And more importantly, for the country.