President Obama: "The Centrist"

I hope you rino’s out there who thought that President Barry was going to govern from the middle …….cough, cough…….(Bill Kristol)…..wink, wink…….are happy. Just take a look at three huge executive orders handed down by his most merciful, lord Barack Obama.

First, Barry hits the war on terror square in the mouth by ordering Gitmo closed before anybody has a chance to decide what the heck is going to happen to 245 terrorists and enemies of America. Nice one, perhaps now we could just have some sort of summit meeting with Osama at the Ritz in New York city. And of course, he sends “say it ain’t so” Joe out on the Sunday talk shows to talk about how hard it will be. Should’ve thought of that before signing the order.

Second, can’t forget the ladies in the audience, Barry signs an executive order which will now make it easier to kill that unwanted baby in your belly. Good job, Barry, keep it up your doing great. So that’s one for the anti-war crowd, and one for the anti-baby, definition of selfish, feminists.

And third, Barry….excuse me, President Barry signs an executive order to appease the environmentalist nut jobs out there. This one forces stricter standards on the auto industry….just what they needed….. and keeps Barry on Gov. Arnold’s good side. So that’s one for the anti-war crowd, one for the baby killers, and one for the environmentalist wacko’s. Yep, he’s right in the middle Mr. Kristol.