Priorities Alive and Well in America

A Pew Research Poll finds that Americans are more worried about the economy than anything else. That is very comforting, what with a new socialist style administration taking over, middle east turmoil, people killing each other over their Facebook status, and the militant homosexuals trying to divide the country over the outcome of Proposition 8 in California; I can see how the economy would rank as the highest priority for all Americans.


Certainly you can see how, money would trump everything else, I mean what else do we have to worry about. Radical Islam, socialist dictators, civil unrest in our own country? No way. It’s all about the green. This continues to be good news for President Barry and the democrats; it’s what got them elected after all. Had the economy remained in a relatively good  condition, I really believe that McCain would have won, not that that would have been a good thing; but, the democrats would definitely not be sitting on so much power up in Washington. Argue with me if you will, but it’s true.

So now that the economy continues to trump everything else, including the environment, which was the liberal mainstay for so long, Barry and the dems had better fix it. Just a word of advice to the libs in control, people vote their pocketbooks, no matter who’s in power.