Israel's Rock And Hardplace

As the world bemoans and cries about Israel’s invasion of Gaza, which has to happen by the way, Israel itself finds that it is in a precarious position. It’s main objective is to hunt down and kill members of Hamas, but it’s secondary objective is to pacify the world community. A problem not unlike the one we faced when we first went into Iraq.

Back in 2003 when ground forces went into Iraq, you could still hear the squealing and the dirge of anti-war, or better said, anti-Bush activists in the streets of major cities all across the country. The common theme was that we were going to kill innocent civilians, and damage an innocent country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or Al-Qaeda. So, in caving to the PC police, we waged a not so smart, house to house campaign which resulted in being bogged down for longer than expected. The insurgents were able to regroup, reload, and hit us hard from time to time, much to the pleasure of the MSM and the liberal democrats. Iraq had become Vietnam. Now that that is all but over, the media has a new Vietnam……or should I say Iraq template: Gaza.

Israel not only has to worry about the actual threat of Hamas terrorists, but it has to worry about the ensuing backlash of civilian casualties that will and have already occurred. The term “excessive force” is already being used on blogs and news outlets allover. This is of course the term that is used when A bigger, stronger, country decides to defend itself; like we did after 9/11.

Israel has the right to invade Gaza, to protect it’s people, and it’s sovereignty, just as we had and have the right to do the same. The fact that Hamas hides behind women, children, schools, and other civilian targets makes no difference. One day the bilge that spews from the left, may acknowledge this fact; but I doubt it.

My hope is that the only rock and hardplace Israel faces is the one I have just described, and not one of the terrorist organization of Hamas and a newly elected administration who’s loyalty to Israel is yet to be determined.

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