Crying In The Wilderness

I am one of those unfortunate souls who used to call a red state home; but through the process of an election, that is no longer the case, we are now as blue as can be. I didn’t move, but my state has. I call the great state of North Carolina home; borderline southern, Bible belt, family values and all of that. But something has happened over the course of several years; the libs have taken over, insanity reigns in the tar heel state.

North Carolina, especially the region in which I call home, the mountains, is a very laid back kind of folk. You keep to yourself and I’ll keep to mine, don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you. But that has been replaced by, good old boy politics (democrat style), elitism in the east, as well as a haven for illegal immigration and homosexuals especially in Asheville where I lay my head.

Let me expound on these premises for just a minute from my perspective. In Hendersonville, a small town about 25 miles from Asheville, illegal immigration has been a problem for some time. It probably started because of the migrant workers who came here every season to pick apples. I have no problem with that per say, but somewhere along the way, they began to take root. And now North Carolina is one of the top destinations for illegal’s from Mexico. With a huge population of “undocumented workers”, as the liberals like to say, problems with schools, healthcare, and basic services are only going to get worse. Of course the democrats favorite solution to any problem is to throw money at it; my money, your money, anybody’s money they can get a hold of.

Secondly, Asheville has become a destination for all kinds of strange, and how should I say, “progressive” lifestyles. Asheville is a hotbed for homosexuals, it has been dubbed little San Francisco. I don’t know exactly when this invasion started but it has happened none the less. Asheville is surrounded by conservative small towns all over, but within the city limits, and of course starting to creep outward is a new age, bohemian, tree hugger, liberal mindset which is conducive to the homosexual and other types of “progressive” lifestyles. This is not the town I grew up in.

And last but not least I think the real culprit here is the corrupt type of state government that we have here. North Carolina, despite being a red state for many years, has been run on the state level by democrats for some time. This has led to high taxes, low education, and businesses leaving the state in droves. Certain political figures have been stopped, (Jim Black) former speaker of the house to name one big fish that got fried, but we have just endured eight years with a horrible administration, that has been rewarded with the election of his lieutenant governor to the governor’s mansion. On the national level, Elizabeth Dole, who I think was one of the few conservative champions we had in the U.S. Senate was ousted. I ask myself why, and conversations with residents all over give me the answer; I’m a democrat they say, my family has always voted democrat, and I will always vote democrat. This is the kind of thinking that has North Carolina, once a stronghold for republican presidential candidates, seeing red, and turning blue.

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