Media Slams Palin, Again

If you can stomach it, check out this story from the Washington Post about the birth of Sarah Palin’s grandson. The story is almost completely full of negative smears towards everyone involved. Sorry Post, sorry we’re not as good as you are!

Bristol Palin gave birth to her much-anticipated baby son on Sunday, People.com reported this evening.

The first grandchild of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, weighing in at seven pounds, four ounces.

When it was announced shortly after Gov. Palin was named John McCain‘s running mate that her teenage daughter was expecting, it triggered national debates on teen pregnancy and marriage, abstinence education, the VP vetting process, the privacy of political families and, well, just about everything.

Bristol Palin is 18, as is her boyfriend of three years, Levi Johnston, a former high school hockey player. Both have dropped out of high school — she to complete her diploma through correspondence courses, People reports, and he to become an apprentice electrician, he told the AP this fall. They have said they plan to marry in 2009. (Johnston’s mother Sherry was arrestedearlier this month on felony drug charges for allegedly selling OxyContin.)

Colleen Jones, who is the governor’s aunt, confirmed the news of the baby’s birth to People. “We think it’s wonderful,” she said. “The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited.”

In this short story that should have been about nothing but the birth of a child, they managed to down Palin for damaging McCain’s campaign, Bristol and her fiance, Levi Johnston,  for having a child out of wedlock and dropping out of school, and Johnston’s mother for being arrested on drug charges. Don’t you just love their little hit pieces disguised as news?

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