The SAG Sags

Despite the possibility of a looming strike by the Screen Actors Guild, which is just a fancy way of saying union, the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards show will go on says People magazine.

But of course the show will continue, these people are consumant professionals, they wouldn’t let a pesky little thing like a strike over something as frivolous as money get in the way, now would they? All of these actors are just thinking of you and me, they know how much we need to see them dressed in their evening gowns and black ties, with their little red ribbons for aids awareness and such. What else would we do on a Sunday or Monday night? What better way do we have to spend three and a half to four hours? That really is the reason, right?

Or maybe it’s just that they need to take every possible chance they get to gather together and tell each other what a wonderful job they do, and what  great human beings they all are. Hollywood is full of a bunch of narscasistic, self loving, self important people who have no concept of reality or the real world. So, see you on the picket line!