Hello! Caroline Kennedy is a Liberal

It is amazing how the MSM just loves to patronize us with silly stories about not really knowing where Miss Kennedy stands on certain issues, or any of the issues for that matter.

She’s nice, smart and has a golden political pedigree, but where does Caroline Kennedy stand on the auto bailout, immigration, Wall Street regulation and other sticky issues?

The answer, many New Yorkers are quickly realizing, is “No one knows.” And there’s no guarantee they will before Gov. Paterson bequeaths Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat upon her, as he seems inclined to do. source: New York Dailey News

Let’s see, auto bailout: she’s for it. Immigration: let them in no matter what! Wall Street regulation: regulate the crap out of em’, and make sure the government is in charge of the purse strings. Okay New York, now you don’t have to worry about Patterson appointing Caroline Kennedy. No one knows. Please.


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