Conservative Spine?

Eventhough the House has passed a bailout package for the auto makers, Harry Reid doesn’t have enough votes to pass the bill and have it signed into law…..yet. Republicans are currently acting like, well, Republicans, and opposing the bill. Led by Senators John Cornyn and Richard Shelby, both true conservatives, the 15 billion dollar measure looks like it may fail despite backing by the White House.

The biggest problem with this whole bailout situation is the amount of control that would be given to the government. A car czar would be appointed to oversee every descision that is made, appointed by Bush and therefore Pelosi could hang any failures around his neck.

 Next, the car companies are not going to be allowed to bring to the market the cars that people want to buy. Unfair regulations and fuel efficiency standards have certainly influenced the way the car business has declined in recent years, once again the democrats bowing to the special interests of the wacko environmentalist movement. These companies who’s name brands are big trucks and SUV’s are going to be forced to make smaller, fuel efficent cars, that nobody wants to buy.

 And third, the UAW is not going to have to concede anything of value to them. This bailout is a union bailout, have no illusions otherwise. The UAW is powerful, and has alot of political influence. They are in control of this whole situation, they control the auto companies, but more importantly they control the democrats.