Repeal AND Replace

Democrat Chris Van Hollen, speaking with Neil Cavuto today, said that the Democrats were quite happy to have the repeal discussion in November. Why? Because they contend that would show Republicans as wanting to take away the benefits of their plan and reaffirm support for insurance company abuses. Of course, this is the usual Democrat spin and untruthfulness that we have become accustomed to. Although I doubt most Americans would buy that line of thinking, I think it’s so important to repeal this horrid bill, that no chances can be taken. I propose that the narrative, from now until the reversal actually takes place, be one of repeal and replace. Republicans and conservatives pledge to repeal the current monstrosity and replace it with smaller, less expensive, less government intrusion, common sense fixes and solutions that actually help Americans, not hurt them. It’s important for Republicans to be seen as problem solvers, not just as the one who repeal Obamacare. This would deny the Democrats another talking point critical of Republicans. One that they would surely repeat ad nauseum, until the propaganda began to take hold within the public mind. Please help me spread the message : it’s repeal AND replace, from this day forward!