My Take on Sarah Palin

I’d like to discuss my views on what Sarah Palin means to me and what she could mean to the country. I hope my words contribute to the fine discussions on this site.

Since Sarah Palin has been announced as John McCain’s running mate, I’ve been absorbing as much information on her as possible. Her meteoric rise from PTA to city council to mayor to Governor and now, VP candidate, is an incredibly compelling story in and of itself. Add in her incredible successes in performance of these jobs and we arrive at the conclusion that we have a true political phenom in our corner. Let me speak to these successes for just a moment. It is remarkable that someone could insert themselves into modern day politics with no inherent built in advantage of money or name. Not only did she accomplish this, but she also defeated the incumbent Governor, who was heavily entrenched with name, money, existing infrastructure and a “good ol’ boys” network to back him up. A truly remarkable victory worthy of admiration. Upon taking office she immediately set out to do the work of the people. You’ve all heard this previously: balancing the budget, cutting out 500+ million of wasteful spending, selling the private jet, killing the Bridge to Nowhere, cleaning up corruption, encouraging competition and making a loud statement of anti-establishment, letting Alaskans know she was “one of us” who was working hard for them.

Please Read OnShe went on to negotiate a natural gas pipeline with Canada that will provide energy to the lower 48 states, thus showing her skill in negotiations(this had’nt been accomplished for 30 years) and her forward thinking about energy on a national level. She also visited Alaskan National Guard troops deployed overseas, without having to be shamed into doing so. She actually cared about what they were doing. While thinking about her compelling story and reviewing her many accomplishments, I kept coming back to this one overpowering fact: she is one of us. Every one of us knows a woman in our family that is successful and a supremely strong willed person. A woman who is the moral bedrock and foundation of our families and lives. We admire and love these women. These are the kind of people we rely upon for advice and leadership. Everytime I see Sarah Palin, I think of her in those terms. I am 46 years old and have heard many complaints from my fellow citizens about the government. The overriding complaints are: “They don’t care about us”, usually followed by: ” All they care about is their money and especially their power”. Sarah Palin has proven, with her deeds, that she is one of us. She is a transcendent politician, who cares about doing our work and does not care about power. She is the kind of person you’d like to invite over for a barbeque or sit around and have coffee or a beer with. Her importance to the country(and me) is two-fold. First, she can break the Washington Elite mentality, showing Americans that some politicians can go there to do their work, thus inspiring more good people to serve and improving the overall competence of government. Secondly, I’m hopeful that her “one of us” status will help to begin to tamp down on the vicious attack atmosphere against people we don’t always agree with. More discussion with respect and less intolerance, lends itself to a greater country. Please consider voting for “one of us” – Sarah Palin. I hope this contributes to the discussion and influences anyone with an open mind. Real people like us OVER Real politics as usual!