NRA hits Obama in key states

The NRA launched a series of anti Obama ticket ads in key states that have a high population of hunters like MI., and PA.

Bill Burton shot back the best he could but could’nt defend against them very well because Obamas record is public knowlege, and in the end looked like the total fool that he really is.

Joe Biden has voted against the 2nd Amendment each and every time since 1973 and has been called a “friend” by the anti-constitution Brady movement.

3/25/04 – Obama supports prosecution of citizens who use firearms for self defense in their own homes.

10/21/04 – Obama supports the ban of rifles and shotguns for both hunting and sport shooting.

7/29/05 – Obama supports bogus lawsuits against the manufacturers of the guns.

Presently, Obama supports a federal law to override those states that allow carry permits.

Obama stated, “The DC gun ban is constitutional.” Thanks to our Supreme Court for finding Obama wrong!!

Obama may not be the fanatic that Chuck Schumer is, laying awake at night trying to figure out how to disarm and control THE PEOPLE, but his record shows that he is no friend of our Constitution!!

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