Lies, Lies and Damn Lies

Tonight the person currently pretending to be the President will tell Congress and the nation that all is well, the recession is over and he has the facts to back it up. As reported on FOX, MSNBC, USA Today and others this morning, “we have now had 15 months of consecutive job growth“. In fact the BLS reported this morning that “In December, 37 states and the District of Columbia reported over-the-month unemployment rate decreases“.

All is well in America and Obama should be re-elected because of his performance in turning the economy around. Right?

Well, before we break out the champagne to rejoice over his announcement, perhaps someone should ask where these numbers come from. Oh wait, Obama’s appointed few created them. The reality – We are still not gaining jobs. But the numbers, ah the numbers. The workforce has shrunk dramatically since Obama took office. With a smaller workforce, due to not counting those that are unemployed and have given up even looking for a job or have run out of unemployment benefits, the numbers he wants to promote shrink to prove his point.

Since Obama’s policies he promised have not had the desired effect of lowering unemployment rates, he has chosen to change the way unemployment rates are calculated to develop the proof that his policies are working. Are we really that stupid? If you actually total up the unemployed, those that have given up even looking and those without benefits, the number is closer to 15%, or about 5 points higher than when he took office.

So the real point to his story is when and not if the candidates will talk about the facts and the failures of Obama. Like Newt said this morning, “I want to focus my time talking with the American people about things like Iran, things like what is happening in Egypt, concerns we have for Cuba and for South America, difficulties in our own economy.”

OK, so lets do it.


To paraphrase my great-great grandfather …
I say again that nothing will save this country but a general turn out.”
Martin Parmer, Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence