I'm a small businessman,

I run an Internet based business and I’m frightened. Frightened of the existing regulation, frightened of the proposed regulations, frightened of the creeping regulation and completely start raving scared of what Obama will do to small businesses if he buys, lies, cheats and steals his way into another term.

After living in two states run on the basis of “how much can we squeeze out of every business“, with a tax on this, or a surcharge on that or a filing fee for something else, or simply getting a notice in the mail that my “inventory” was reviewed by XYZ Department and I owe this much in tax. Huh? Can someone tell me how they review my inventory without documents or physical visits?

So I packed up and came back home to Texas. I came here because I missed Texas. I missed the lack of regulation. I missed the open business mentality of the government officials and I missed the ability to grow my business as I felt it needed to be done and not as someone who has never held a job in the workplace decided I must do it. I also came home to support a friend that was running for President.

Well, we’ve seen what the good old boys in the Establishment do to someone that has creative ideas and wants to restrict the abuses of government in our lives. And now we are seeing what those same good old boys  are trying to do to Newt. No, Newt is not perfect. No one is. But he makes good financial and business sense as opposed to the other two moderates still running. And this election is about JOBS and beating Obama and NOTHING else.

In my business I’d like to expand, to hire a larger staff and invest in more inventory. But, like most Americans, I’m frightened. I have no idea what new regulation, tax or fee is coming next week from Washington, with or without Congress’s approval and that is without worrying about NoBamaCare.

I’m tired of telling my customers that we’ve been in business for 16 years – but have no idea if we will be around next year. Time for a change. Time for the so called Establishment to move aside or be steamrolled by American’s like me who will vote our heart for business, jobs and less regulation and against most incumbents, as only a few have shown that they have America’s best interest at heart.

I say again that nothing will save Texas but a general turn out.”
Martin Parmer, Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence