Hillary's Spam


The growing controversies surrounding the presumptive Democrat nominee are probably most interesting in that some of the liberal media outlets are actually giving the stories some coverage!
There hadn’t been much for which to thank the New York Times until the recent revelation of Hillary’s use of private email for official business. Leading the way, the Gray Lady allowed others to smell blood in the water and move in for a taste.
Clinton Foundation acceptance of millions from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State? Just another Clintonesque-capade that underscores the Clinton way of doing business the hillbilly way. Raking in 300K for speeches of no substance, and her only real appeal to voters is “Isn’t it time for a woman to be president?”
Hillary’s has enough baggage to fill a few boxcars, and yet democrats don’t care. They are mortified only with the possibility that she doesn’t run— which would leave a pretty big pantsuit to fill. She is stalling—waiting for a coronation and hoping that her allies in the media play nice. Avoid hard questions and make sure all questions at every press conference are pre-selected to do as little damage as possible.
But if she is the nominee, the road to the White House must go through Presidential debates. Reality check- Hillary sucks at debating. She sucks at giving speeches. She is either a lousy author or hired the wrong ghostwriter for her book. She is cunning, devious, prideful, self-centered, and old! Old ideas, old baggage, old scandals, old news.
While we don’t know at this stage which opponent will be on that debate stage, you can bet that any candidate from the Right will be more articulate, better looking, smarter, younger, more creative, and full of hope and new ideas.
Hillary is not unlike my email spam: full of worthless solicitations, scams, and offers that only the most desperate and dumbest people would reply to. Thank God I have a big enough spam filter!